Visual Mixed Media/Resin Artist

Sherry Turner

(Photo Credit: Shelina Turner – Campbellford Library)

Welcome to my website!

Well family and friend I have done it, I am following my dream; I am a full time artist!

Who knew, I could do art?  As a very sweet friend/past student of mine said “Happy little accident”.  Kate Shillinglaw, quoted from Bob Ross.

I have recreated myself within a very flexible schedule which allows me the time to have fun, play and experiment with all sorts of products, recycled things, re-purposed and things from nature.  My family grew up in the Recycle/Garbage Industry, so it was ingrained in me to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.  I am very aware and conscious of the environment, so I have always looked at things differently.  My previous boss where I use to work, Jim Reavell would always say to “think outside the box”, so I made it my goal to stretch the limited of art and use things outside of art.  I create my mixed media art pieces, to give a different twist to how I think and express myself in the works I design and create.  I just love the whole process and especially working with my hands which include how to make it work.  I just love a puzzle and/or a challenge which showed in my past experiences.

It is also my passion to assist and mentor people.  I love empowering people and allowing them to shine.  I believe there is gifts in all of us and if given the opportunity, anyone can be creative allowing those gift to bud and grow. This is how I approach the task of teaching others.



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