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Sherry’s Student: Kate’s ArtResin TM Testimonial

Kate really loved using ArtResin TM and was thrilled when I asked her to say a few words about her journey and her experience with resin.

Sherry’s Resin Journey/ArtResin TM Testimonial

I started my resin journey when my friend Joan Sheppard and I started to create Orgone Generators or as some would call them, Orgonite which was the birth of  The Funky Shed.
I have to admit, it was a challenging and frustrating journey that had many failures with wasted resin that was hard to use, smelly or did not firm up, depending on the weather.  We worked in a large open barn which added to the complications of finding dust in our product but provided the ventilation needed while resin was in its liquid form.  Sadly it turned out to be only seasonal which forced us in doors adding to our costs, with having to purchase even more safety equipment.  We did as much as we could, to ensure our safety but at times we had to make trips to the doctors because of allergic reaction which caused rashes, itchy skin and swollen eyes.   With our frustration growing but our determination to make a clear funky functional Orgone Generator, that was not only professional looking but served people purpose.  We turned to resin after resin, looking for a professional quality and finally found something that would suit our purpose.

In April 2014, I had to leave work on a sick leave because I had developed Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, due to a string of stressful situations that contributed to a string of illnesses.  I started down a different path unable to work, stuck in bed and bored out of my mind; I started to make copper wire trees until my arms gave out, than it evolved when I started making little abstract acrylic paintings until my legs gave out than I would alternate project depending on energy levels and pain.  I dreamed about combining the two and adding resin.  After 8 types of resin, I tried my first art painting quality resin (#9) but again had many challenges with allergic reactions.  It was a very slow process and took almost a year to perfect my “Tree Series”.  I was happy with the results I was achieving but I still had huge concerns with my health and finances tapping all my saving, wondering if I would ever be able to work full time.  I was building up my strength and had started to feel better working on my “art therapy project” but was concerned with the warnings on the label.  I spent endless hours researching other abstract resin artist, to see if there was any feedback on resin.  I started to find and saw videos on a product called ArtResin TM which you had to order online.  At the time it was not an option, due to being off work with limited finical support for my new art interests (art therapy). In the meantime my friend Joan Sheppard was showing my “art energy paintings” discreetly to people, to get a reaction and to assist with building up my self-esteem that I was indeed an artist.  I never imagined I would be doing art, let alone start to sell art.  More and more people encouraged me to show my work but I was still not satisfied with the quality.  I wanted the best quality products and was over the moon one day, when I saw ArtResin TM at Curry’s Art Store.  I borrowed some cash from my family/friends and decided to join Spirit of the Hills to do my first Art Show in Warkworth.  I was amazed, shocked and in tears when I found out I won “2016 Maple Syrup Festival’s People Choice Award” for my painting “Midnight Madness”, which in itself,  was ironic.

I continued to perfect my techniques and was in LOVE with the new product ArtResin TM, which was easy to use, safe for me and made my work look professional.  I decided to take a leap of faith and with a few people willing to assist my art career; I started down a path to accomplish many huge goals in 2016.  I joined the Spirit of the Hills committee, where I was invited and I got accepted into a lot of shows, with some of the highlights; Solo Art Shows.  I was also amazed that I even got a discount at Curry’s Art Supply because I was connected to the Spirit of the Hills Association so other things were starting to click.

I also started having people coming to me and wanted to learn how to paint and apply resin but I insisted on using only ArtResin TM.  Now I have some students and having been getting some children events, to teach them to paint but work on empowering them.  Examples:  Birthday parties and Girl Guides painting/nature badge. I also work with another artist Lisa Yiannoulis, planning Coffee Paint Nights. I love mentoring people which is part of my natural health business but I have use art as the outlet to assist people, to find their self and art passions.

I have had another resin company contact me to use and advertise their product but I said NO!  Dave and Rebacca Zak is an amazing sweet couple from Burlington Ontario CANADA.   I found out both are artist and decided that they wanted a better resin. They took it into their own hands and found a formulator/manufacture to assist them to produce the “world best resin” that was not only the highest quality but was okay for our environment.  Well they have met their mark on all their expectation with ArtResin TM and they get the “Sherry Turner Art” Stamp of Approval.  ArtResin TM might be #10 resin, I have tried but it will always be #1 to me.   I have also been impressed with Dave answering my long emails, asking how I can use their product to take my art to a whole other level, stretching the limited of art.  I was excited to find out I can use with wax, cement, glass, fabric, paper, and use on outside projects.  I am also so impressed with Patty getting product out in a rush when Curry’s Art Supply was out of stock and I had to have it for my Solo Show.  I am thrilled to pieces, Rebecca has contacted me so I can do up a testimonial on how much “I love ArtResin TM, and how much they make me shine!”

Learning curve on ArtResin TM is minimal in comparison to most resin’s I tried.  I had my 13 year old student resin her painting and make some gems.  Kate just loved!

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From being out of work, losing all sense of “who I am” when I was unable to do my job, as a Manager at a large Sign Company and now finding a purpose that has lead me to my passion by being creating with art.

Now I can say passionately, I am proud to be a Canadian Artist specializing in Visual Mixed Media/Resin Artist.

I want to thank the Zak and ArtResin family, for being there for me when I was down and their continued support with doing such an amazing job, adding humour to your marketing, being approachable, caring about the community, making a difference and making all the artist shine!

Sherry Turner

Artist/Resin Expert